A Moving Article

Being the parent of a child who has struggled mightily with Picky Eating in the past, I could really relate to the author’s experiences. I especially liked the line…

“This anxiety makes every meal feel like an episode of Fear Factor.”

And just like Samaria, we still celebrate when our son tries a new food that we once thought he would never, ever go near.

Actually, here’s a true and coincidental example.

This year, two days before Thanksgiving he asked me if we were going to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I said yes. He then asked if I would be serving stuffing. I said yes again.

“Great, I love stuffing!”

I nearly shed a tear  🙂




BBC: Fussy-eating toddlers ‘not the fault of parents’

Research in the UK suggests that ‘fussy eating’ is largely due to genetics, but that these behaviors can be changed.

Also wanted to highlight two great suggestions in the advice section of the article…

“Give small portions and praise your child for eating, even if they only manage a little”


“If your child rejects the food, don’t force them to eat it. Just take the food away without comment and try to stay calm”


Learny Food – Now Available in the Apple AppStore

LearnyFoodSimulatedIconLearny Food: Motivation For Picky Eaters

Designed to provide a friendly and playful environment for kids to explore new foods, with rewards and incentives to keep them coming back. It encourages Tasters to take the lead by analyzing new foods before tasting them, and keeping track of their progress.


Available in the Apple AppStore


C-QUENCE now in the Apple AppStore

C-QUENCE is a simple puzzle game with beats.

Swipe up, down, left or right to move the numbered blocks and arrange them in “C-QUENCE”, either left-to-right or top-to-bottom.

Try to accomplish this in the fewest possible moves.

All levels are free, but if you’re a perfectionist you may want to buy the “perfect solutions” in-app purchase to solve the trickiest levels!

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Now available in the iOS App Store…