HereUGo – Location Based Reminders


A simple app for keeping a list of reminders.

Set a reminder to pick up milk when you’re near the grocery store, or to mail a letter when you’re leaving the house.

You can also set reminders to alert you at a specific date and time.

Available in the Apple AppStore

Learny Food: Motivation For Picky Eaters


Learny Food has been lovingly designed and developed to help your picky eater overcome their fear of unknown foods.

By encouraging kids to explore new foods as a scientist would, and rewarding them with tickets, prizes, and medals, your picky eater can gradually broaden their culinary vocabulary and replace their fear of unfamiliar foods with an excited curiosity.

We are super-excited to go on a Tasting Adventure with your picky eater!

Available in the Apple AppStore


iJudicator: And the Winner is…

ManjudicatorSimulatedIconArguing with your other half?
Can’t decide who’s right and who’s wrong?

Then let the iJudicator make the call.

Just push the big button, watch the spinner spin and let’s see who’s right!

Available in the Apple AppStore


cquence: A Puzzle Game with Beats

C-QUENCE_SimulatedIconA simple puzzle game with beats.

Swipe up, down, left or right to move the numbered blocks and arrange them in “C-QUENCE”, either left-to-right or top-to-bottom.

Try to accomplish this in the fewest possible moves.

All levels are free, but if you’re a perfectionist you may want to buy the “perfect solutions” in-app purchase to solve the trickiest levels!

Good luck and thanks for playing!

Available in the Apple AppStore